Founded in 2017, Openhaus Athletics is a recreation management consultancy committed to regenerating society’s relationships with art and environment. We uplift the body as a metaphor for living systems, a catalyst for land stewardship, and as a site for personal growth. Openhaus Athletics provides ideation, design, direction, and production support for a variety of year-round live events, land projects, workshops, installations, and special ceremonies inspiring meaningful engagement with the natural world.

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Experience Design in support of a wild future for all!

  • Global Focus – our international network of facilitators come from all walks of life, weaving unique cultural perspectives into each activity

  • Experiential Learning – we believe we learn the most about ourselves by investigating the ways we navigate the world, take up space, and grow intimate with nature’s forms, functions, systems, and rhythms. Each activity emphasizes hands-on engagement and embodied understanding

  • Equity in Access – outdoor access, arts and wellness education are rights not privileges; OHA! is committed to offering free and sliding scale programming to communities that have been historically under-resourced

Programming utilizes 360° video, guided audio, ASL/ESL interpretation and closed captions for increased access.

With you on stage next to me, I feel strong. Your artistry supports my vision in a way that helps me explore my art further, without fear or anxiety. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Cellista, Performance Artist Cellista®

Jes is a dynamic storyteller with a bold vision, and their fearlessness is infectious. They are able to bring people together who wouldn’t normally be found in the same space, facilitate the space so everyone’s needs feel respected, and subsequently bring out the best in people.

Jhia, Emerging Black Bay Artists

Mojo…never letting up in creating a safe, sacred space for the fully-embodied expressions of those that they co-create with! Your powerful, evocative, and electric performance styles…only second to your heart, love, and grace.

Gitana, Weaving Dreams Project

I think Jes is a gateway…I just spent two hours working on hip-hop today after their class last night.

Allegra, House of Yes

The workshop was fantastic! The dancers were so excited and engaged. The big win was after Jes left one of my students said “I feel like I just think about dance in a completely new way now!

Jana, The Hamlin School

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being the most awesome choreographer. We hope to work with you again!

Amy & Joann, City of Sunnyvale

Thank you for all your hard, creative, and mind boggling work with Epiphany!!! What a year we’ve had!!

Kim, Epiphany Dance Theater

I love your project and how it evolved from taking care of yourself during these challenging circumstances. The idea that self care can be a form of protest intrigues me. To see, feel, and take care ourselves is an act of courage. It’s a beautiful reminder of how we love and value ourselves.

Tiffani, Photographer

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