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Regen•era is an ideal…

The goal of the Design Science Studio is to inspire an entire generation of creators, artists, systems thinkers, and (r)Evolutionaries to imagine what’s next. Regen•era is a fictional world crafted to share the story of the Regenaissance in an interactive way. The Regenaissance is a cultural movement that started in 2020, the result of decades of ecological activism and new approaches to old problems. Driven by a will to reimagine our society at scale and imagine possible futures, thousands of artists, thinkers and doers around the world are sharing memes related to new ways to interact with nature and ourselves, in relationship with the planet.

This cultural (r)Evolution is transforming food systems, social structures, education, living, politics and our view of our living systems. It’s happening, it’s now, and you are part of it. Regen·era Rising is global confluence for creators of regenerative futures, celebrated every year on March 21st to commemorate the arrival of Regen·era to Earth to show us what was possible. 

It’s a story as ancient as we are…

  • View OHA!’s installation in Natura

  • Tour Mora, the Museum of Regenerative Art

  • Participate in an out of this world speaker series in Agora

You must REGISTER HERE to get an access code and if you missed the festival, luckily most of it can be experienced again.

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