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Perspective Changing Dance

Bandaloop celebrates the human spirit, nature, and communities through dance that uses climbing technology to expand and challenge what is possible. 

Not Death Defying, but Life Affirming

Jes DeVille joins the team, sharing reflections of their UPDRAFT Artist Residency – bolstering the premiere of Artistic Director Melecio Estrella’s new work Loom. Loom is a multimedia blend of vertical dance, projection, music and fabric puppetry. As a collaboration between media technologist Osman Koç, composer Ben Juodvalkis, and BANDALOOP dancers, Loom braids the historic mythologies of weaving with the ecological implications of modern industrial fabric production. BANDALOOP dances on climbing ropes constructed with a kern mantle weave that optimizes strength, durability, and flexibility. With ropes stretched as a vertical warp, walls become looms upon which the company’s ephemeral dances are woven. Dancing the metaphors and physical realities of weaving, BANDALOOP delves into the culturally rich world of textile and fiber.

With Loom, Estrella connects ancient mythologies of weaving to modern day fabric production toward visioning a future of sustainable material use and disposal. With collaborating scientist and sustainability consultant Catherine Botrill, Estrella generates ecological narratives expressed through original music, spoken word, choreography and video, crafted into a vertical dance spectacle. This weave of elements provides audience new ways of imagining fashion and cloth that are responsible, sustainable and culturally sensitive, celebrating lineages of adornment and utility in cloth and fiber common to all humanity.

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