Regen•era Rising: A Global Confluence for Creators of Regenerative Futures

Regen•era City ONLINE

regen·era Rising is global confluence for creators of regenerative futures, celebrated every year on March 21st to commemorate the arrival of regen·era to Earth to show us what was possible. The arrival of the city is celebrated with a week-long virtual summit full of immersive experiences, celebrations, talks, workshops, art and surprises - each showcasing the important, powerful and collaborative ways design, science, and story collide within the shared environments of Zoom, New Art City and Topia. Join the (r)Evolution in a cultural exploration at the intersection of art and science, harnessing the potential to shift and propel the next hundred years of our evolutionary process. “The clutch is in, will we shift up or down? It's Utopia or Oblivion.” - R. Buckminster Fuller ​ From weaponry to livingry. From extraction to regeneration. From me to we. ​ You can attend the festival March 21-28 by buying tickets here - RSVP: ​ Go to the regener·era Rising page to know every details about the festival, official schedule and many other surprises.

25$ – 100$
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