COAL + ICE was an immersive photography and video exhibition visualizing the climate crisis. Co-curated by Magnum photographer Susan Meiselas and renowned Dutch exhibition designer Jeroen de Vries, it showcased the work of 40+ visual artists from around the world to visually narrate consequences triggered by the continued use of fossil fuels. Openhaus Athletics provided event fabrication in contract with Scenic, Inc.



Your Ocean, My Ocean (YOMO) brings together a transdisciplinary group of artists and designers to create a series of intermedia performances and exhibitions juxtaposing responses to the natural beauty of oceans and coastlines with responses to detrimental human impacts on marine ecosystems. Openhaus Athletics wove dance, film, adventure storytelling, and Afro-diasporic ritual into coastal cleanup efforts.



Intentional Shift is a nomadic site-specific dance performance and artist focus group series bringing closure to the program NOW Hunters Point, a community activation project in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood (est. 2013) on a former PG&E Power Plant site. Openhaus Athletics provides production management for this collaboration between local artists and community storytellers, premiering on Sept 24th at Hunters Point Shoreline Park.



Funsch Dance’s extended-length work, EPOCH, subverts conventional performance models by pushing the limits of duration. In cheeky defiance of Doris Humphrey’s warning “All dances are too long,” EPOCH unfolds over 12 hours, in a gratuitous surplus of movement, interrupted by moments of nothingness, to challenge the valuing of acquisition and excess. Is endurance political? What bonds does an unlikely scenario forge?



BANDALOOP's Updraft AIR Program is an artistic residency foregrounding a BIPOC artist who resonates with the BANDALOOP ethos and works in site-specific modes, questioning and expanding the possibilities of dance, ecology, place and audience in public outdoor spaces. 2021's residency included an ecological identity workshop offered to Destiny Arts Center day-camp students.



The first site-specific dance performance at Salesforce Park since its inception, Portal took audiences on a journey, illuminating the landscaping and architecture with movement by six Bay Area dance artists. Rooted in our shared recent experiences during the pandemic, Portal offered a space to process and reflect as a community. Openhaus Athletics provided production stage management for this nomadic garden event.



In an effort to preserve a San Francisco mainstay, navigate the pandemic timeline, and strategically rebrand with main sponsor SFMTA/MUNI - Openhaus Athletics provided production management, fundraising and casting as well as graphic and experience ideation, design, and implementation of Epiphany Dance Theater's 16th, 17th, and 18th annual site-specific dance tours taking place 2019 through 2021.

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